Digital Marketing Consultant

Digital Marketing Consultant – Why hire one?

00000000Digital Marketing is a straightforward subject that has been made complicated by Search Engine giants, some experts; read Digital Marketing Agencies and Digital Marketing Consultants. As a Digital Marketing Consultant, it is imperative to bring out the simplicity in the process of creating your brand’s Digital footprints. So, what exactly is Digital Marketing? Is it […]

Branding for Startups, The quick and easy guide

Branding for startups – The quick & dirty guide to begin.

For ages, branding for startups has been a very under-rated subject; specially for the self-funded cash-strapped ones. This is a phase when every penny counts. In fact, some brands manage to scale up, and still continue the legacy of making every penny count. That’s certainly one of the best ways to move your company towards accountability & better cash flows. But there’s a catch here. The biggest cash is the difference between an expense and an investment. An expense is the money you’ve lost forever. In return for your money you’ve got a product or a service. An investment, however, is way bigger. Most investments come in the disguise of an expense. As an entrepreneur, we should be able to differentiate one from the other. An Insurance policy, for instance, sounds like an expense. But it’s an investment. Similarly, branding is not an expense. It’s an investment you’re making in your brand. And this investment, when done smartly, will always come back to you with great returns. For my recent session, I was asked to talk about branding for startups.

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Startup because you want to be your own boss? Wait…

In the last few months, I met a lot of employees who were contemplating whether they should take up entrepreneurship or not. Thanks to “startups” being the new buzzword, it’s more like a trend now. People just want to leave everything, and make that big switch. They are completely blinded by some success stories across various inspirational & startup blogs. It’s great to use this inspiration along with your zeal and passion to make things happen. But there’s a thin line between passion and immaturity. In the rage to get that breakthrough, we forget the fact that an immature step can push us behind for years. A lot of analysis can lead to paralysis. But no analysis can lead to death. So, here are my top three reasons for you to evaluate whether entrepreneurship is your cup of tea or not

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Top 5 Books for Startup Leaders

As an entrepreneur, I read non-fictional books only. And most of these books are business or self-help books. Well, there are tones of books written on this subject. It really depends on whether you wish to read something light or something highly complex. We’ve all got our own reading-list. I prefer books that talk to me in a simple fashion. So, here’s a list of Top 5 books for startup leaders.

Food Tech Startups, Rajive Dhavan

Food Tech Startups – Is It The Beginning Of The End?

Until a few months back, the buzz was all about online grocery stores. There was a new player jumping the wagon, almost every week. Why? The usual herd mentality that we have; if one online grocery startup gains some traction, others will follow suit. In this case, it was Big Basket, in India at least. Very soon, we witnessed at least one online grocery startup shutting operations, every month. This trend to exploit… err explore the food industry is still on in full swing.

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Startup ideas In India – 3 ways to kick start your entrepreneurial journey

A few days back I was wondering why most of us don’t start our entrepreneurial journey. What makes us wait for months or years to take the plunge? Well, there are quite a few factors; lack of funds, experience, guts, mentor, co-founder, et al. But after talking to some individuals, I realized that most of them are awaiting a breakthrough; a life-changing idea. My question, however, is do we lack good startup ideas in India? No. We don’t. Then why are people still awaiting an idea to kick-start their entrepreneurial journey? Here’s why.

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Why startup fails? Here’s one of the key reasons.

Every startup journey begins with an idea. And every startup is synonymous to the word “idea”. It’s an idea that fuels a to-be-entrepreneur to take the plunge, and build everything around it. Ideas are of two types – good and bad. Isn’t it? Well, the startup world has two more dimensions to the word idea – relevant and irrelevant. Unfortunately, most startup ideas die in a war between these two dimensions. That’s because there’s a million-dollar question awaiting every entrepreneur in the making. Does my startup idea solve a relevant problem?

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Book on Startups – Why writing it was a bad idea but I still did.

After dabbling with the idea of writing a book for a while, around 2 years back, I decided to write my first book. The subject was Startups & Entrepreneurship. But somewhere inside I knew that it was not a great idea to write a book on startups as I didn’t have decades of experience in running them. This thought kept hitting me hard in the face. I kept fighting until I could. But finally, it managed to knock me down – obviously, in more ways than one.

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Wannapreneur – 7 traits that prove you are one.

We all know the wannabe types. But when these wannabes set their eyes on entrepreneurship, they’re called Wannapreneur! The term Wannapreneur has been coined for those who just “want” to be entrepreneurs. It’s a term that has been doing the rounds at a lot of national and international forums too. And most of us have at least one person around us who fits the bill. Well, there’s nothing wrong in “wanting” to be an entrepreneur. We all have dreams, goals and a bucket list. And entrepreneurship can certainly be a part of a smart chap’s bucket list. But Wannapreneurs are different. These individuals have got traits that reflect their “all-fart-and-no-shit” attitude.