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LMAO - Lead my A** Off is a natural progression from my previous book; STFU - Start The F#%$ Up. My previous book talks about entrepreneurship, startups, company culture, co-founders, et al., from scratch. It was a lot about the beginning of a startup leader. LMAO, however, delves further into these subjects. The big difference is the fact that it covers a lot of real-time episodes that I'd witnessed in my journey so far. The episodes are described with all the details, and the learning I could draw from them. One of the chapters is called "Despite being a branding company, how we failed & sailed internally. This chapter, for instance, doesn't just talk about what one can do to make sure they brand themselves internally. It also talks about what mistakes we made, what we learnt from these mistakes. And how we could turn the situation back to normal. In fact, this is the broad outline for most chapters. From interview sessions, to client handling, from employees to co-founders, from financial setbacks to diversification, there's an episode that will walk us through all these subjects. Most importantly, every episode is non-fictional.

This is not a guide to give a dramatic push to your business. But it's an honest dissection of various episodes that most entrepreneurs would face in their lives too. This book could be an eye-opener for you, or it could be a re-iteration of a belief that was always within you. It could also be away from your perception of things, and that's perfectly fine. As entrepreneurship is not a one-size-fits-all piece of clothing. It's a lot more than that. The broad issues could be similar. But the macro picture is always a lot different. The book will encourage you to analyze various episodes in your entrepreneurial journey. It will help you connect better with people around you. It will give you a more open perspective to look at situations. It will encourage you to fail. It will encourage you to talk about that failure, and take your lessons from that. But it will never make the effort that you are supposed to make. So, turning things around to your advantage is something that you'll need to figure out on your own. Well, there's no guide for that.

So, the ideology, however, remains the same as my previous book; at the end of the day, you'll need to depend heavily on that one person who will always come to your rescue—You. Yes. Nothing helps you like... you!