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Brand Management

A brand is not what it says. It is what it conveys. Though communication seems easy to some, it's pretty complex in reality. To understand the personality, positioning & tone of a brand, and reflecting it across mediums is as art. From Print Ads to Menus, from Brochure design to Logos & stationery, our art reflects in everything we do.

As a full service advertising & branding agency, we at What’s in a Name, offer a holistic solution for your brand to grow. The following are some of the key branding services we offer:

What sets us apart?

It’s our involvement in various aspects of your business. It’s important to understand a business before attempting to build a brand out of it. And that’s exactly what we do.We believe that it’s imperative for a brand to retain its essence despite any branding and advertising exercise. The execution and process of branding involves designing an entire campaign for the brand we are working with.

As a branding agency, what also sets us apart is our experience in varied industries, a dedicated team, our track record, and our commitment to elevate many more brands. Understanding & meeting the objective of a brand communication is something we are extremely passionate about.

Branding And Advertising Consultant Rajive Dhavan

Why do you need Branding and Advertising?

Like every human, every brand is unique. In a world that’s cluttered with so many businesses and brand, it’s important to tell a story that the world identifies us with. We are living in an era where the number of “me-too” brands is on an all-time high. This is when branding and advertising can be of good help to communicate with your audiences differently, and cut through the clutter.