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J. Keith Murnighan Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“Rajive Dhavan's new book, STFU - Start The F Up, provides tremendous advice for anyone who is contemplating a start. His words of wisdom are real gems that can help any starter-upper avoid a host of unexpected landmines."

J. Keith Murnighan

Author of the Best Seller Book, Do Nothing! and Prof.
at Kellogg School of Management

K.V. Sridhar AKA Pops Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“Rajive manages to caution young entrepreneurs with wit and wisdom. Some brilliant nuggets like “Ego at bay. Brand in sight.” He managed to dig deeper into his own experiences to put together this invaluable commandments for start ups."

K.V. Sridhar AKA Pops

Chief Creative Head, SapientNitro and Jury at Cannes Lions

Mukund Mohan Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“Rajive's book, STFU - Start The F Up, is comprehensive, relevant & inspirational. I liked the way he has emphasized the importance of self-belief. Finally, a business book that makes entrepreneurship fun"

Mukund Mohan

Serial Entrepreneur & Investor in over 30 Startups (Silicon Valley & India)

James Bell Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“I read your book and quite frankly I haven't come across a more interesting and absorbing book in recent years. Your style of narration is indeed awesome. The knowledge and wisdom you display are not in proportion to your age. I can boldly say it's a must-read for all those who would like to gain some insight into today's business needs. The book is unputdownable. I am ordering more for distributing to my friends."

James Bell

Consultant, Corporate Communication

Ratnakar Rao Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“Unless one looks at the back cover that carries your picture, it is difficult to guess that the author is such a young person, considering the amount of wisdom you've packed between the two covers. The book is quite weighty in experience and insight. I quite like the conversational style as it puts the reader in a one-on-one relationship with the message you're conveying. I'm very impressed by the width of topics you've covered including objectives, teamwork, leadership, goals, attitude, changing & adapting, etc. I'm glad you didn't make it a lecturing session and instead used a 'help-yourself-buffet- spread' style for someone to pick what they want, need or missed. The other aspect is the simple writing style that is quite friendly and effective. Keeping short chapters was a good idea as it packs one core idea or thought in a bite size. Another nice thing that appeals to me is the examples and situations you've plugged in to demonstrate various concepts as it helps the young entrepreneurs visualise what you're trying to explain. To sum up I only want to say (and proud to say so) is that you've said things very candidly, and yet with a lot of maturity. As you put the book down, you look at brand Rajive Dhavan in a shining bright light. Bless you mate, you make us all proud! "

Ratnakar Rao

Consultant & Mentor, Advertising

Sandeep Dave Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“Truly one of best books on Startups. A Must-read. I liked the 'Start-down' journey of Rajive. He takes us through the Entrepreneurship University by roller-coaster experiences. His approach toward Startups is very unique. He not only talks about strategy but also about psychology, skills and tools required for startup leaders. You will find all the solutions for starting your venture. This book is a journey from Starting to Achieving."

Sandeep Dave,

Serial Entrepreneur Director at Innovate You Consulting, Co Founder &
CEO at and Chairman & MD at The Thought Annex

Suresh Kochattil Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

“It's not often that one talks about where they slipped up only to pick and run again. But, Rajive Dhavan is not your typical dyed in the wool entrepreneur. Quiet and unassuming, you may miss him in a noisy crowd - but you can spot his resolve a mile away. This evening, i got reading his book, STFU and a few pages later, i realised that why he succeeded in the advertising business with ethics intact. More of it when I complete the book."

Suresh Kochattil,

Marketing Head, Apollo Hospitals

Amar Ohri Review on STFU-Book-On-Startups

"Congrats on your new book Rajive! This book is a superb guide for everyone wanting to realise their potential. Can't wait for book #2"

Amar Ohri

Managing Director, Ohris Group