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Brand Management

Having stressed the importance of Digital Marketing, in no way do I intend to downplay the importance of offline branding. Under complete brand management, I'll help with end-to-end strategy, positioning, communication, tonality, guidelines & styling both online and offline. From the name to the identity, from working out the complete go-to-market strategy to on- going promotions, from Media Budgeting to Buying, the list is exhaustive.

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing

(Strategy, Monitoring & Execution)

In case, you don’t have an internal team to help you with execution, I can help you with the same through my Digital Marketing Agency – What’s In a Name Creatives. In this scenario, the services will include Strategy, Monitoring & Execution to the T. From Web Development to Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) to Social Media Marketing (SMM), everything comes under the purview of this service.

Search Engine Optimization Consultant

Search Engine Optimization

SEO Consulting

Digital Marketing is a huge umbrella. And Search Engine Optimization (SEO) one of the many parts of the same.As every brand is unique, and the journey & status of each brand is different, depending on the need, I can help you with laser-focused SEO Consulting as well.

Best Sem Consultant Rajive Dhavan

Search Engine Marketing

SEM Consulting

Google AdWords is synonymous with the term Search Engine Marketing (SEM). And a lot of businesses or brands might need their existing SEM campaigns to be reviewed and improved. There’s always room for improvement. Also, it’s never about placing the ads. It’s about getting the maximum returns on every rupee spent.

Social Media Marketing Consultant

Social Media Marketing


Though Social Media Marketing is part of the overall Digital Marketing efforts for any brand, I don’t particularlyfind it exciting enough as a standalone service. So, I don’t think I can do justice to standalone SMM projects.