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Digital Marketing Consulting

Whether you've got an internal team or an external one, as a business owner, you're bound to face challenges in terms of technicalities. And that's why you need me to make sure your processes are set and your teams are giving you the best bang for your bucks, thereby optimising every rupee you invest. My job will be to help you with strategy & monitoring of everything digital.

Brand Consulting

Having stressed the importance of Digital Marketing, in no way do I intend to downplay the importance of offline branding. Under complete brand consulting, I'll help you with the end-to-end strategy, positioning, communication, tonality, guidelines & styling both online and offline. From the name to the identity, from working out the complete go-to-market strategy to ongoing promotions, from Media Budgeting to Buying, the list is exhaustive.

Brand & Digital Marketing Consulting

Ideally, a brand needs to be nurtured in all aspects. A successful business is an amalgamation of a good product or service and the perfect blend of branding & digital marketing. The journey of today’s consumer comprises multiple online and offline touchpoints. So, it’s imperative for a brand to put its best foot forward across all the relevant mediums.

Core Skills & Expertise

Over the years, it's been a great learning experience to interact with leaders and colleagues from varied industries, skillsets, backgrounds, and exposure. Every single person had something interesting to share or teach. And that's the beauty of being in the midst of a thriving community of entrepreneurs.

Apart from the technical core skills mentioned here, my other core skills include Business Strategy, Customer Acquisition, Mentoring & Coaching, Project Planning, Team Management, Business Operations, Performance Management and more. My consulting services, however, are limited to Technical support on various aspects of Branding & Digital Marketing.

Digital Marketing
SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)
SEM (Search Engine Marketing)
SMM (Social Media Marketing)
Web Development
Design & Video
Branding, Digital & Entrepreneurship

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As an official mentor and advisor with some of the best incubators in the country, I've had the opportunity to coach startups {from varied industries) for branding, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

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