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Rajive Dhavan - Brand Consultant, Motivational Speaker

Rajive Dhavan, 30, is a B.A. Mass Communication (Journalism) Graduate, with a collective experience of over 14 years. He started his career with a part-time business of selling Tomato sauce, when he was 14. Later, he joined a clothing store called Zodiac, as a Helper. Slowly, he worked his way into various MNCs like GE Capital & HSBC Bank, before he joined Deccan Chronicle as a Sub-Editor & a Columnist. His last job was at an advertising agency, as a Copywriter. Then, at 22, he found his first startup, an advertising agency - What’s In a Name Creatives. Subsequently, he found two more startups - Namesake Productions & Just Flaunt Salon.

Today, he is a well-known brand consultant, motivational speaker & digital marketer.

if marriage is
an institution,
is a university.
-Rajive Dhavan
How I found 3 Startups with  ₹40,000, at 22 | Startup Advice

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"Rajive Dhavan's new book, STFU - Start The F Up, provides tremendous advice for anyone who is contemplating a start. His words of wisdom are real gems that can help any starter-upper avoid a host of unexpected landmines."

J. Keith Murnighan (Author of the Best Seller Book, Do Nothing! and Prof. at Kellogg School of Management)

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We all know that a brand is an intangible asset. It’s a heavy word though. Branding is what makes or breaks a brand, isn’t it? Well, it’s certainly an exercise that can help you differentiate yourself from your competitors. For instance, with consistent advertising, and a decent product, you can create a brand image that is way above your competitors.