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Maximise your Marketing ROI with Expert Consulting.

Do you have an experienced Brand and Digital Consultant working for you? A subject matter expert (SME) who’s unbiased, independent, and solely focused on maximising your marketing returns?

As you are browsing my website, chances are you don't.

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You know your business best, but in today's fast-paced market, it's tough to keep up with the technicalities across numerous marketing channels.

What’s more? With me on your team, by optimising your ad budgets, I can save you money right from the start, covering a portion of my fee.

Most importantly, with me on your team, you can focus on what you do best: scaling your business.

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• Communication has always been my calling, which led me to earn a degree in B.A. Mass Communication (Journalism).

• 20+ years of collective work experience: 6 years at GE Capital, HSBC Bank, and Deccan Chronicle, and 13 years as the Founder & CEO of a leading Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency, What's In a Name, and a Video Production Company, Namesake Productions.

• Piloted the Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency with a capital of $500 and grew revenues to over a million dollars.

• Created 360-degree marketing strategies for over 100 national and regional brands.

• Published my first business book, STFU – Start The Fck Up*, in 2015. It was endorsed by several dignitaries, including one of my favorite authors, the late J. Keith Murnighan – renowned author and professor at Kellogg School of Management.

• Mentor and Advisor at T-hub Hyderabad, IIT-Bombay & Osmania Technology Business Incubator.

• Award-winning Digital Marketer and Brand consultant.

• Outside of work, I find Cooking therapeutic.

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Digital Marketing Consulting

Whether you've got an internal team or an external one, as a business owner, you're bound to face challenges in terms of technicalities. And that's why you need me to make sure your processes are set and your teams are giving you the best bang for your bucks, thereby optimising every rupee you invest. My job will be to help you with strategy & monitoring of everything digital.

Brand Consulting

Having stressed the importance of Digital Marketing, in no way do I intend to downplay the importance of offline branding. Under complete brand consulting, I'll help you with the end-to-end strategy, positioning, communication, tonality, guidelines & styling both online and offline. From the name to the identity, from working out the complete go-to-market strategy to ongoing promotions, from Media Budgeting to Buying, the list is exhaustive.

Brand & Digital Marketing Consulting

Ideally, a brand needs to be nurtured in all aspects. A successful business is an amalgamation of a good product or service and the perfect blend of branding & digital marketing. The journey of today’s consumer comprises multiple online and offline touchpoints. So, it’s imperative for a brand to put its best foot forward across all the relevant mediums.
Branding, Digital Marketing

Official Mentor at

As an official mentor and advisor with some of the best incubators in the country, I've had the opportunity to coach startups {from varied industries) for branding, digital marketing & entrepreneurship.

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Branding, Digital Marketing

Workshops & Speaker Sessions at

Apart from coaching startups on various aspects of entrepreneurship, I’ve also been giving Workshops and Speaking Sessions at incubators, schools, colleges, & organisations. The subjects vary from branding to digital marketing, to entrepreneurship and more.

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Branding & Digital Marketing Agency

A result-oriented professional with 19+ years of experience in Branding & Digital Marketing. 13+ years as a Director of South India's Leading Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency, and a Video Production Company. In the initial six years, I worked in various capacities like Process Trainer, Sub-editor & Columnist in companies like HSBC Bank, GE Capital & Deccan Chronicle.

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