Branding for Startups, The quick and easy guide

Branding for startups – The quick & dirty guide to begin.

For ages, branding for startups has been a very under-rated subject; specially for the self-funded cash-strapped ones. This is a phase when every penny counts. In fact, some brands manage to scale up, and still continue the legacy of making every penny count.

That’s certainly one of the best ways to move your company towards accountability & better cash flows. But there’s a catch here. The biggest cash is the difference between an expense and an investment. An expense is the money you’ve lost forever. In return for your money you’ve got a product or a service. An investment, however, is way bigger. Most investments come in the disguise of an expense. As an entrepreneur, we should be able to differentiate one from the other. An Insurance policy, for instance, sounds like an expense. But it’s an investment. Similarly, branding is not an expense. It’s an investment you’re making in your brand. And this investment, when done smartly, will always come back to you with great returns. For my recent session, I was asked to talk about branding for startups.

Branding for Startups – The quick & dirty guide to begin.

Here’s my presentation deck, Branding for startups, on SlideShare. This will help you with some easy hacks that will not burn a hole in your pocket.

Try to focus on these simple hacks, and let me know how did they fare. If you’ve got some ideas or hacks on this subject (branding for startups), please do share them. It’s always for the greater good.

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Rajive Dhavan
is a serial entrepreneur, and the author of the book STFU – Start The F Up, for present & future leaders of startups. He’s got a collective work experience of over 10 years. Having launched his first startup at the age of 22, today he heads three successful companies – What’s In a Name Creatives, Namesake Productions & Just Flaunt Salon. He launched his first startup with an investment of Rs. 40,000.

Rajive Dhavan

Hi! I'm an Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, Podcaster & Author. He's got 18+ years of experience in Branding, Digital Marketing, and Entrepreneurship. 12+ years as Founder & CEO of South India's Leading Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency, a Video Production Company & a Hair Salon. Before my entrepreneurial journey, I had the opportunity to work in various capacities like Process Trainer, Sub-editor & Columnist in companies like HSBC Bank Plc, GE Capital & Deccan Chronicle. Official Mentor (Digital Marketing & Branding) of T-Hub (India's Largest Business Incubator), Hyderabad; IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) - Bombay, and Osmania - Technology & Business Incubator (O-TBI), Hyderabad.

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