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Startup because you want to be your own boss? Wait…

In the last few months, I met a lot of employees who were contemplating whether they should take up entrepreneurship or not. Thanks to “startups” being the new buzzword, it’s more like a trend now. People just want to leave everything, and make that big switch.

They are completely blinded by some success stories across various inspirational & startup blogs. It’s great to use this inspiration along with your zeal and passion to make things happen. But there’s a thin line between passion and immaturity. In the rage to get that breakthrough, we forget the fact that an immature step can push us behind for years. A lot of analysis can lead to paralysis. But no analysis can lead to death. So, here are my top three reasons for you to evaluate whether entrepreneurship is your cup of tea or not:

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Sometimes, there are only two routes. But the contemplation to choose the correct one makes them look like a million.

Startup because you don’t want to work under someone?

If you’re choosing entrepreneurship because you don’t want to work under someone and be your own boss, forget it! Once you become an entrepreneur, you’ll be answerable to a lot more people than one manager. I have spent 6 years being an employee, and around the same amount of time being an employer. Honestly, being a boss is a lot more difficult. That’s because you’re responsible for the well-being and growth of not just yourself but all those who’ve chosen to work with you.

Startup because you’ve got the technical skills?

If you’re choosing entrepreneurship just because you’re good in some technical department, think again! When we started, I thought because I can write well, I can run an ad agency. But I was terribly mistaken. That’s because when we started, I had to do all the writing. But along with that I had to handle hundred other things. So, writing is only 10% of what I contribute to my startup.

Startup because you want to make loads of money?

If you’re choosing entrepreneurship just because you want to make more money, don’t even think of it! Money will always be a by-product of what you do. It will be a result of your relentless hard work. And there will be days when your startup might not make enough money, and that’s when your passion will be the only fuel. So, make sure you know what’s your purpose. Obviously, it should be something beyond money.

These are the top three pointers that will help you make that crucial decision of your life. The transition from an employee to an employer is one of the most difficult things to do. And only those with a clear purpose can pull this off. Getting inspired by startup success stories is great. But getting blinded by these startup success stories can be devastating. So, next time you think that you’ve been bitten by the entrepreneurship bug, ask yourself some questions, and try to figure out your purpose.

About The Author:

Rajive Dhavan, Startup, Start the f up, Best book on startups, What's In a Name Creatives, Namesake Productions
Rajive Dhavan
is a serial entrepreneur, and the author of the book STFU – Start The F Up, for present & future leaders of startups. He’s got a collective work experience of over 10 years. Having launched his first startup at the age of 22, today he heads three successful companies – What’s In a Name Creatives, Namesake Productions & Just Flaunt Salon. He launched his first startup with an investment of Rs. 40,000 and (Read More…)

Rajive Dhavn

First time here? Check this out: • Communication has always been my calling. So, I got a degree in B.A. Mass Communication (Journalism). • 20+ years of collective Work Experience – 6 years as an Employee in various MNCs like GE Capital & HSBC Bank, and 14 years as a Founder & CEO of an Integrated Branding & Digital Marketing Agency, and a Video Production Company. • Piloted a Branding & Digital Marketing Agency with a capital of $500 and grew the revenues to multi-million dollars. • Created 360-degree marketing strategy for over 50 National & Regional brands. • Published my first business book, STFU – Start The F*ck Up, in 2015. Quite a few dignitaries endorsed the book, including one of my favourite authors, Late J. Keith Murnighan – Renowned Author & Prof. at Kellogg School of Management. • Mentor and Advisor at T-hub Hyderabad, IIT-Bombay & Osmania Technology Business Incubator. • Award-winning Digital Marketer and Brand consultant. • Music drives me. Cooking soothes me.

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